YouTube Video Highlights Parkesburg Security Firm

YouTube Video Highlights Parkesburg Security Firm

This corporate video promoting a local business is a bit out of the ordinary for Parkesburg Today.  But since I wrote about Pete Mango’s work at the fire company a couple of days ago, it made sense to post the orientation video just posted to YouTube this week.

2.4.2014 Pete MangoThe YouTube video features Mango and his wife Jeannette, who live on Washington Avenue on the north side of town, discussing their success launching and growing Signal 88 of Octorara, a security franchise providing event and facilities security for local businesses, churches, municipalities and school districts.

The money quotes from the video:

From Jeanette – “My advice . . . would be perseverance and dedication pays off.”

From Pete, “The advice I’d offer to other franchisees is to be persistent, hang in there, keep plugging away, have a passion . . . You have to be fully dedicated . . .  You have to have that passion in your heart.”

Good advice no matter what your profession or focus in life!

Watch for a few minutes and you might even see a superintendent of schools you recognize.

Congratulations to Pete and Jeanette!  Continued success!

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