Yo Joe, This Is What Lower Spending Looks Like

For the first time in his long legislative career Joe Pitts, our very conservative congressman, has gone on record as being against the government spending less money.

In a press release dated March 8th and posted to his congressional website, Pitts,

“voiced his opposition to the Federal Aviation Administration’s plan to potentially close the control tower at Lancaster Airport. While the FAA claims the shutdown is necessary because of sequestration cuts, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee analysis shows that the agency should be able to continue full operations under their present budget.”

The open secret in Washington is that President Obama is trying to find the most painful ways to cut the federal budget under sequestration. Two out of every three towers slated for closure are in Republican Congressional districts,” said Pitts. “Unfortunately, this political game has real implications for public safety.”

Yes it does Joe, yes it does.  He should have thought about public safety, oh say two weeks ago, as he and his fellow legislators allowed the $84 billion in cuts to happen.

Maybe he thought the cuts would impact another district, another congressman’s airport perhaps. No way the reduction in government spending couldn’t possibly lead to the tower in the biggest airport of Mr. Joe Pitts’ district being closed.  No way.

Think again Congressman.  Think Again.

Congressman Pitt’s entire press release can be found here.


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