What’s The Matter With Octorara’s Track?

Schools 11 Apr 2014
What’s The Matter With Octorara’s Track?

LancasterOnline focused on Victory Brewing and the Octorara Community Stadium Task Force’s May Black Tie and Blue Jeans event to raise money to repair the high school track.

As mentioned earlier this week, the track around the football/soccer field is in such disrepair Octorara’s track team has not hosted a track meet in three years.

In the LancasterOnline article High School Vice-Principles explains the tracks condition and what the district is doing about it:

While the track is used by athletes for practice and by the community for exercise, the district has not been able to host track meets for several years because it is substandard.

“There are several contingencies that could affect the cost significantly,” Bankert said. “We are having tests done to determine what has caused the heaving in areas on the current track.

“I have been in touch with a few labs, but it is a complicated process,” Bankert said.

Click here to read the entire article on LancasterOnline.

(Above image is of Heather Blevins, left, and Jessica Lavallee of the Octorara Community YMCA’s after-school child-care program taking children out to enjoy the sunshine one day last week, as members of the track and field team huddled for practice.  Picture courtesy of LancasterOnline)

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