What’s Going On With Main Street?

What’s Going On With Main Street?

Update: August 12, 2016

By: Jack Mariano

Good News! Construction has begun on the handicap access ramps and it appears as if the crew is beginning at South Culvert Street and moving east.  P.T. is hoping that the portion of the project east to Route 10 is completed by the time School Buses roll later this month.


Parkesburg Today spoke to Parkesburg Borough Manager Jim Thomas and to Pennsylvania American Water Project Manager Jim Kelly for an update on the Main Street water line and sewer line replacement project.  From the Borough’s perspective, there is little that can be done to expedite the project.   Thomas, with concern, said that the project is completely in the hands of PA American Water  of whom a spokesperson is scheduled to provide an update on the project at the next Council Meeting, scheduled for Monday August 15th.  The Borough Manager also stated that whenever this current project is completed, the same improvements to the system will be completed on the section of Main Street, west of S. Culvert Street.

IMG_7199According to water company Project Manager Jim Kelly, the current delay on the project is that pursuant to the American Disabilities Act, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation needs to approve the type of handicap access ramps such as the one pictured here, at the corner of West Main Street and State Street.  Once these ramps are improved and installed, the final paving can begin.  Kelly could not provide an estimated date for the ramps or for the entire project.  I asked him if residents could expect completion before winter and his reply was that “something” would be done by then.  Before final paving begins, a portion of the roadway may need to be milled down especially in the parking areas.


So, the waiting continues……….


So why do I feel like Neil Armstrong driving across the lunar surface whenever I drive up or down Main Street?

IMG_1473Yes, I know Main Street is a state road and Borough leaders’ influence over PennDOT’s construction managers is limited.

But really, why should residents of Parkesburg have to tolerate traversing the worst street in Chester County?

Not the worst Street in Chester County?

I challenge anyone to find a worse street in all of Chester County, the most affluent county in all of Pennsylvania, than the 100 to 400 block and the 500 to 700 block of Main Street.

Parkesburg can do better.  City leaders can ask, even demand, that PennDOT do better.

Let’s hope borough leaders, when they meet this evening for their monthly committee meeting, take up Main Street and how the street’s poor surface reflects poorly on the town and the parkesburg’s taxpayers.

Lets hope!


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