What Will The New Year Bring Borough Council?

By David Jones

Parkesburg Borough Council holds their bi-annual “reorganization” meeting on Tuesday, January 3rd.  This is where Council officers are elected for the coming year.  It is also the time when council can reopen and reconsider the budget for the new year.

There are many questions to be addressed by council in the coming year including:

  • Will the work finally begin on the demolition and reconstruction of the West Bridge Street bridge?
  • Will the approved budget provide enough revenue even with a 25% tax increase?
  • Will the borough remain in the “business” of providing police coverage to the surrounding municipalities?
  • Who will guide the council through the next year.
  • Will Mel Keen continue as President or will council decide to take the direction of new leadership?

The reorganization meeting at Borough Hall on Tuesday January 3, 2012 at 7 p.m. will be where “some” of these questions will begin to be answered.

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