West Sadsbury Shed Maker Sells Instant “Manly Man” Escape

West Sadsbury 16 Nov 2013
West Sadsbury Shed Maker Sells Instant “Manly Man” Escape

The Woodworking Network featured Stolzfus Structures’ Man Cave pine paneled shed on their web site earlier this month.

The 12′ x 20′, 240 square foot “instant man cave” structure, according to the West Sadsbury manufacturer, is “a place at home where you can get away from all the noise, and relax while watching the game, or have the guys over for a card game, in your own space, without the interruptions that you may have become accustomed to.”

And it doesn’t hurt that Stolzfus’s man caves are a lot cheaper, less time-consuming and easier to build than finishing a basement or adding an addition on to a house.

The money quote from the article sure to win the heart of even the most skeptical spouse or significant other (not!):11.16.2013 Man Cave2

“After a few kids, and then a bunch of stuff, here you are with no space to call your own, continually tripping over toys, and fighting for the remote to YOUR TV with a teenager who just woke up at 1:00 pm. There is only so much space in any home, and it seems like yours is the first to go. An instant man cave is the easy way to get it back.”


The Stolzfus’ man caves come in two flavors including a basic model designed for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to add his own personal touch to his cave’s interior. Stolzfus’ basic models start at just over $3,400 and run to a few dollars over $4,200 depending on the size of the shed and insulation and paneling desired.

Stolzfus’ “Deluxe Model” comes completely finished, fully insulated and ready to use. The only choice a deluxe man cave customer has to make is “choosing the TV to hang on the wall, and finding a fridge to put under [the] bar.”

According to the Woodworking Network, the deluxe model man caves run “from $6,755 for a 10’x16’ size to $8,480 for a 12’x20’.

The link to Stolzfus Structures website is here and the Woodworking Network article here.

Or kick back and watch Stolzfus’ own video of the Zook brothers customized new “cave.” The Zook’s bring new meaning to term “make a quick exit” at the 1:40 mark of the video:

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