West Fallowfield Christian School Welcomes New Principal

Schools 05 Aug 2011


Robbie Martin is taking the helm as the new principal at West Fallowfield Christian School.

This story by Marcella Peyre-Ferry in this week’s Community Courier:

When students return to classes at West Fallowfield Christian School (WFCS) after summer vacation, they will have a new principal. Robbie Martin is taking the position following 14 years of teaching at Elanco Middle School and Pequea Valley High School (PVHS) and Middle School.

“I honestly believe I’m here (at WFCS) because God wants me to be,” Martin said, explaining how he had considered applying for the principal’s job at West Fallowfield when an opening was available last year, but did not. Since then, he wondered if he had made the wrong decision. When the post became available again, he felt he had been given a second chance. “I hear nothing but positive things about West Fallowfield,” Martin said. “I feel very blessed to be here.”
In addition to teaching, Martin served as the varsity soccer coach at PVHS. He will continue working there as coach, as well as taking on his new administrative role.
The job of a principal will be different from Martin’s teaching work. “When you’re in a classroom, you can impact the kids who walk through the classroom door. As an administrator you can impact so many more,” he said.
At PVHS, Martin was a business teacher and head of the department. “I’m a relationship person. I love people. My subject matter was the vehicle I used to interact with the kids,” he said.
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