Washington Paper Uses Parkesburg Supreme Court Case To Chide News Media

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

What do Cierra Runge, US Senate Majority Leader Harry Ried and the Borough of Parkesburg have in common?

Not much, it turns out, but don’t tell the editors at the Washington Post.

For whatever reason, the venerable Washington paper has the Octorara region on its radar this week.

Earlier in the week the Washington newspaper captured Cierra Runge, the Octorara Sophomore and world class swimmer, expressing her excitement over how well her teammates at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, Michael Phelps and Allison Schmidt, were performing at the London Olympics.

Then yesterday in the very first paragraph of an editorial column, writer Erik Wemple took off on the news media for publicizing Harry Reid’s dubious comments mocking Mitt Romney’s reticence to release his tax returns, citing a Parkesburg Borough Council meeting some 17 years earlier to make his point.

The Borough Council meeting incident in question generated a lawsuit that made it all the way to the United States Supreme Court and resulted in a ruling that warned the media to be more careful about printing unsubstantiated allegations made by public officials.

How bad are things in our nation’s capital when writers have to reach all the way to Parkesburg and our storied Borough Council history to make a point about the news media or Harry Reid’s ethics?

Desperate is the word that comes to mind.

Anyway, here’s the Washington Post column.

So much for our 15 minutes of fame!

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