Where Do We Turn For Peace

Students 26 Nov 2014
Where Do We Turn For Peace

It is with much sadness that I note the passing of Daulton Pointek and Carli Imbierowicz Saturday evening.  Carly, an Octorara High School Junior, was just 16 while Daulton, a Senior at the same school, was 17 years-old.

According to a report in the Daily Local News published Monday, the two died together “when they were overcome by fumes while inside a disabled vehicle,” Saturday evening.

Death is something none of us deal with well.  None of it ever suspects it will happen to us.  All of us live in fear it will happen to our children.

This isn’t the way life is suppose to happen.  We’re born, we have a happy childhood, we go to school, get an education, a good job follows, meet someone, fall in love and get married and have children of our own.

We take care of our parents as they grow old, ensuring their needs are looked after as the final chapters of their lives play out.

We work hard to ensure our lives have meaning and flow. Although it never quite goes the way we expect it to, life is suppose to be orderly and predictable.  This happens, then that and so forth.

Then something like this sucker punches us in the gut. Even if we don’t know Carli and Daulton, we know kids just like them. They’re our kids.  They’re us.

We ask why? Why theses two?  Why now?

There are of course, no good answers.  Life is so full of joy.  You can see the joy in their smiles.  You can see fulfillment in the long list of school and community activities each was engaged in.  You can see their happiness taking in a movie together on a Saturday night before heading home.

Life at times can be just as empty and void of meaning as it is full and overflowing.

When life is flat out empty and meaningless we turn to our faith.   Faith was not invented to keep the good times rolling or to facilitate our celebrations.  Faith was created for times like these; when the night is darkest, when tragedy is all around us and there are no easy answers.

Its not like we have a choice. We either live in a world full of gloom and despair or we reach for something more, something, someone capable of comforting and lifting us.

The quiet, gentle hymn “Where Can I Turn For Peace” written by Emma Lou Thayne and sung by Calee Reed (below) gently reminds us of the comfort and healing available in His outstretched arms.

The words to the hymn are here, the Daily Local News report here.



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