Time to Discuss School Bus Safety With Your Children

This from State Senator Dominic Pileggi’s office:

As the school buses begin to roll, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is encouraging parents to take a moment to discuss safety issues with their children.

Engage your young bus riders to stay safe with the Department’s School Bus Safety Activity Book through coloring pages, word scrambles, crossword puzzles, hidden word games, and missing letter exercises.

Assemble the necessary items (listed in the activity book) for a special craft idea – an egg carton school bus.  Use the time together cutting, painting, and pasting to review the lessons imparted through the activities.  Key safety measures to reinforce include:

1. Be on time.
2. Never run to or from the bus.
3. Stand back from the curb.
4. Don’t push or shove.
5. Stay in your seat.
6. Don’t yell or shout.
7. Always obey the driver.
8. Always cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus.
9. Never crawl under a school bus.

Refresh your knowledge of Safety Tips for Parents and Students, the School Bus Stopping Law Fact Sheet and the Drive Safe PA Bus Safety Tips Sheet  to help you prepare for your youngster’s questions.


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