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7.4.2013 The Point

This post has nothing to do with patriotism, our nation’s birthday or the 4th of July which we celebrate today.

Rather it is a blog post totally cut and pasted from something Dwayne Walton, Executive Director of Parkesburg Point, posted to The Point’s blog last night.

There are those who say America has seen better days, that this politician or that business leader is ruining America. That because nobody cares anymore, America is going to hell in the proverbial hand basket.

I don’t buy it.  Not for a minute.

In fact, I’m more bullish on America today than I’ve ever been at any point in my life.

Why?  Good question.

Its not because my guy is in the White House or because my teeny-tiny investment portfolio is finally going up after spiraling down, down and further down the last five years.

Rather I’m bullish on America because here in Parkesburg 17 churches and hundreds of volunteers a month come together to give a helping hand in the form of sports, education, computers, life skills, and God’s good word to Parkesburg’s teenagers at The Point on Main Street.

Every week night 50 to 80 Parkesburg teenagers gather at The Point to play some ball, socialize a bit with their friends and hear the good word of God.  After one such gathering last week Dwayne felt inspired to write this piece which he posted to The Point’s blog:

Every week, the students at the Point have the opportunity to have a discussion.  Last week the topic was: based off of your life experiences, what do you plan on never doing?The answers offered a glimpse into the lives of each individual.  Student responses included:

  • I will never be a bully
  • I will never be ungrateful for the things that I have
  • I will never walk away from someone who is homeless
  • I will never let a man have power over me
  • I will never commit suicide
  • I will never use drugs
  • I will never buy a gun
  • I will never let a man take advantage of me
  • I will never get pregnant at a young age
  • I will never let my children not go to church
  • I will never kill somebody
  • I will never try to hurt anyone
  • I will never be mad for the things that I have gone through
  • I will never make the mistakes that my parents have made
  • I will never say “I can’t do something”
  • I will never stop protecting my family
  • I will never hurt my mother
  • I will never hurt someone who is down
  • I will never get in a car accident
  • I will never abuse my kids
  • I will never forget the people who were there for me when I was hurting
  • I will never abandon my children
  • I will never disrespect a woman
  • I will never leave my family

Many of the students at the Point are faced with unique challenges.  Having worked with over 2100 different students over the past 10 years, the Point has learned that the sources for these problems are often at home and are often outside of the reach of anyone looking to help.

Every month at the Point, 17 different churches and hundreds of volunteers surround these youth to support, empower, and strengthen them.

While we may not be able to solve all of these problems, the volunteers at the Point continue to provide dinner every evening, mentorship, and programs addressing the spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic needs of the youth in our community.  If you are not involved already, we invite you to join us.

Every Friday, and then again on Sunday morning when I announce the winner of that week’s Find It Frday, I ask readers to take time to “enjoy the view.”
I make this simple request because even in a town as gritty and as out of the way as Parkesburg is, I want readers to observe the beauty that surrounds them.
The beauty of the view in Parkesburg is not just the rolling hills that circle the town or the miles-on-miles of corn fields damn near shoulder-high after June’s record rainfall (10 inches by one estimate).
The beauty of America is all around us, even here in gritty little Parkesburg.
Beauty is found in its leaders like Dwayne Walton, Jack Assetto, Jim Thomas and Sharon Wolf, to name just a few, working tirelessly behind the scene to make our one mile square patch of America a better place to live, work and raise a family.
Beauty in Parkesburg is found in residents fixing up their houses, mowing their lawns and planting gardens.
Beauty, and our future by the way, in Parkesburg, as Dwayne’s post above underscores so well, can be found in our kids, especially in our kids, who come to the point each night in search of a good time and a better way.
Here’s to our youth! I will never underestimate them, ever.
May America and Americans enjoy another 237 years under your care and stewardship.
Happy Fourth of July Parkesburg!
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