Parkesburg Home Prices Rebounding Nicely

After a tough winter and a brutal recession Parkesburg home prices appear to be on the rise. According to an article in Sunday’s edition of, Parkesburg real estate values in the second quarter of 2014

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County Leaders Put Victory Brewing On Par With QVC, Vanguard

To the casual reader it must seem that Parkesburg Today is on the brink of becoming “Victory Brewing Today.” Once a week, sometimes two or three times a week, PT runs a post with links or

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Parkesburg, Octorara Region’s Population Continues Growth

A article last week confirmed what most of us already knew: there’s more of us out there! According to Census Bureau population estimates released Thursday show, the number of people living in Parkesburg, and every

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Keystone Valley Fire Department Receives Favorable Philly Press Coverage

On this morning, Keystone Valley Fire Department chief Ray Stackhouse said Parkesburg Fire Company’s call volume and the shortage of volunteers is what led Atglen, Pomeroy and Parkesburg volunteer fire companies to merge last year.

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Yesterday’s article “Oversharing undertaker goes viral”  about Caleb Wilde had all the usual tidbits about the young blogger. Wilde, who’s Confessions of a Funeral Director blog draws readers from around the world, uses concise, off-beat

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By now you’ve seen the article focused on the daunting financial challenges facing the Octorara Area School District that came out this past Monday morning. The piece had a couple of bucolic pictures of the

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