Opinion, Shopping 22 Aug 2013

By Larimee Cortnik

I went to Michaels and they already have Halloween decorations perching on the aisle shelves and floor displays. That’s scary.

In my neck of the woods it’s still summer.

Most kids haven’t even gone back to school. My grass is green and still needs to be mowed and trimmed. The vegetable garden is still wilting under the hot august sun. My dog is impatiently waiting to be sprayed with the hose. And I’m still running the air conditioner. I refuse to buy Halloween decorations while flowers are in full bloom.

Is it too much to ask corporations to hold back on commercialization of each holiday before we even finish the one we’re in?

That’s my rebellion against decoration mania.

Ironically, I walked outside and noticed that nature was getting in on the act. Here and there on the sidewalk, yellow leaves that had fallen into their debut of autumn. Sigh.

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