Shivery’s Give 170 Year-Old Christiana Hotel A Facelift

Christiana 11 Feb 2014
Shivery’s Give 170 Year-Old Christiana Hotel A Facelift

Tredyffrin Township blogger Pattye Benson recently wrote this about her area’s architectural treasures:

“What makes [any place] truly unique is its rich architectural heritage:  the old homes and buildings that tell the story of the community’s past, that continue to bring pleasure in the present, and will, if properly cared for, inform and inspire the future.”

Steve and Jewell Shivery, owners of the Shivery Funeral Home in Christiana agree.  The Christiana couple purchased and are renovating the historic Dickinson Hotel on West Slokom Avenue in Christiana.

Debbie Wygent has a great article on LancasterOnline describing the couple’s efforts to renovate the three-story building hoping to turn it into a restaurant, wedding venue and possibly a bed and breakfast with overnight accommodations.

The money quote from Debbie’s article speaks to how the building went unnoticed for years:

“It’s such a treasure, a huge building, but did they even notice it?” said Steve Shivery. “Probably not, because it was such an eyesore. The building is a treasure and we want to take it back to its glory.”

Let’s hope the Shivery’s bank account holds out long enough to sustain their dreams.

Read Debbie’s entire article about the Shivery’s restoration efforts here.


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