Parkesburg Schoolhouse Chimneys Go Down

Parkesburg Schoolhouse Chimneys Go Down

The two chimneys atop the 113 year-old Parkesburg Schoolhouse apartments on Strasburg Avenue are coming down.

In July, the Housing Development Corporartion of Lancaster wrote a letter to Borough Council saying the chimneys, constructed in 1899 and refurbished by HDC in the 1990s, were in bad shape and needed to be repaired or demolished.

HDC decided the $41,000 quote to refurbish the chimneys, compared to the $24,000 to remove the two non-functional stacks, was too expensive. The chimneys would come down.

Because the building is in a historic district, any changes made to the building need the approval of both Parkesburg’s Planning Commission and Borough Council. With the approval of the Planning Committee earlier this month and Borough Council last night, HDC will start the demolition process next Tuesday.

The project is expected to last 7 to 10 days.

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