Point Announces Plans To Acquire Abandoned Shopping Center

If you have a friend(s) who wonders around Parkesburg complaining about what is wrong with our town, spouting off a list of grievances that usually includes too much trash, too many renters, too high of taxes (don’t get me started!) and lets not forget everyone’s favorite gripe, too many police cars, its time to put your arm around your friend and tell them to stop sucking raw lemons and look at the work being done by The Parkesburg Point.

It is at The Point that one catches Parkesburg’s present beauty as well as its bright future and full potential.

Parkesburg Point, as I’ve written about before, is the unified initiative of local churches to provide a safe place for Parkesburg’s kids to gather every night, have some fun, do homework, eat a healthy dinner, play basketball, skate, hear the word of God and form lifelong friendships.

Run by Dwayne Walton, Adam Straubel, Caleb Wilde with the help of over 100 volunteers, The Point draws 50 to 100 kids a night to the old Keen’s warehouse along Main Street, kids who might otherwise be hanging on a street corner, fighting at the basketball court or squandering their life in some other nefarious way.

As beneficial as The Point is though for these kids and for Parkesburg, its about to get even better with the announcement over the weekend that The Point will acquire and renovate the 4 acre lot at the end of Main Street on Parkesburg’s north side.

Once the site is acquired next month, The Point plans to renovate the now-abandoned 22,00 sq ft grocery store structure into their new home complete with a full size basketball court, a cafeteria that seats 100, a 15 person computer lab, male and female sleeping quarters for visiting church groups, a skate park and several classrooms.

Here’s the full announcement and the presentation Dwayne, Adam and Caleb made Saturday evening at The Point’s annual Banquet:

We’ve been busy these past couple months.  We’ve been busy asking God, “How can we better serve our community?”  We’ve been busy asking pastors, business leaders, community leaders and people wiser than ourselves the very same question, “How can we better serve the youth and churches of Parkesburg in a more holistic capacity?”

After much prayer and discussion, the answer to our question has been right before our eyes.  The need has grown.  This ministry has grown.  And it’s time for us to pursue a building that is better suited to address those needs.

The Parkesburg Point, after nine (9) years working with local youth at 356 Main Street, is pleased to announce the public launch of a capital campaign for the acquisition and renovation of the vacant property at 700-714 Main Street, formerly known as “Charlie’s Thriftway.”

The Parkesburg Point’s mission is to assist the church by providing a safe haven that offers the hope of the gospel by addressing the spiritual, physical, emotional, and academic needs of the community.  Currently, the Point is actively engaging over 12 churches and is overcrowded every evening with 50-100 youth and 10-20 volunteers.  In order to effectively develop the hundreds of local youth attending every evening, the Point will be growing.

Growth is both difficult and exciting.  It’s difficult because it means change, it means moving away from our comfort zone and moving into uncharted territory.  The building we are in now has been a great home for us and we’re comfortable here, but we’re even more excited that in a new, larger, safer building we will be better suited to serve the youth in the Parkesburg area.

The building will include a much larger recreational center, an enrichment center that includes an expanded academic wing, and a larger dormitory that can house both those who find themselves in a temporary homeless situation and those traveling ministries that need a place to lay their heads.

Local businesses, including Alliance Environmental, ALP Industries, Keystone Community Alliance, Kauffman Gas, Reidor Corporation, Hershey Motors, and the Shivery Funeral Home, and individuals have committed over $700,000 towards the capital campaign project.  It is with great excitement that the Point pushes towards its goal of 2 million dollars to cover all costs of purchasing and renovating the 22,000 sq/ft grocery store and transforming it to a vibrant community center focused on developing youth physically, emotionally, spiritually, and academically.

With the building expansion, the Point is asking all individuals that believe in the Point’s vision of “transforming the heart of our community” to become a monthly donor at $20.00 or more a month to support the needs of the 350+ different youth that come through the Point each year. Please visit ParkesburgPoint.com to set up a reoccurring donation and following the exciting stories of transformation in the community.

Below is a “Prezi” presentation of our Capital Campaign pamphlet.  Hit the “play” button (right pointing arrow) to begin the presentation.  When you are ready to move to the next slide, hit the “play” button again.

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