Parkesburg’s Worst Streets Get A Makeover

Parkesburg’s Worst Streets Get A Makeover

Three of Parkesburg’s most blemished, potmarked streets are getting the roadway equivalent of a facelift this Fall.

Rosement Avenue and Sadsbury Road (above) on the Borough’s north side got their new look last week.  Beale Drive between Gay Street and South Church Street (Route 10) will get a new surface this week.

The fresh covering comes as the Pennsylvania Water Company completes their work laying new water and sewer lines under both Beale Drive and Rosemont Avenue.

Even though Sadsbury Road wasn’t in the scope of the water company’s summer projects, there was enough money remaining from the Beale Street project budget in the company’s coffers to address the craters and potholes that greeted Woods Lane and Featherwood Drive residents every time they turned off Route 10 towards home.

Larry Constable, a Featherwoods Lane resident called the improvement, “wonderful!”  “I’ve lived on Featherwood a long time and the intersection needed repair since I first moved to Featherwood in 1989.”

Constable is right!  The repairs are wonderful.  Its nice to see Borough officials coordinating state and private resources to find creative solutions to long standing issues around town.

Let’s hope repairing these three streets/intersections is just the beginning.

Our collective fingers, toes and legs should be crossed that the residents of the 500-600 block of Main Street, the hundreds of drivers who use Gay Street everyday and the tens of thousands of drivers who pass through the the Route 10 and 372 intersection in front of Turkey Hill don’t have to wait as long as Larry and his family waited to get the roads they use everyday patched-up and repaired.

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