Parkesburg’s State Senator Mucks With How State Allocates Electoral College Votes

State Senate President Dominic Pileggi. Picture courtesy of The Huffington Post.

Parkesburg’s State Senator and President of the Pennsylvania Senate Dominic Pileggi has been garnering a smattering of unfavorable national headlines lately.

You would think being the leader of the Senate of a state with 7.7% unemployment (as of February 2013) and a per capita Gross State Product ranked 29th among the 50 states and the state with the 10th highest tax burden in the United States, Senator Pileggi would be focusing all his efforts on fixing the state’s very broken property tax system or recruiting big employers to the state.

If you thought that you would be sadly wrong.

Instead, obviously distressed over his party’s inability to win the White House and upset that all 20 of Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes propelled Barack Obama to a lopsided 332-206 Electoral College victory last Fall, our good state senator has taken it upon himself to rewrite the states election rules.

Last year Pileggi led the fight for state wide voter ID, a senseless piece of legislation that addressed non-existent voter fraud in the state and drove Democratic voters to the polls in record numbers.  Not happy with last year’s failure, Pileggi is now sponsoring legislation in Harrisburg to change how Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes are allocated.

Instead of the winner-take-all approach now used, Pileggi would like to see electoral votes allocated proportionately by popular vote, a change that would have seen Obama take just 12 Electoral College votes from the state instead of the 20 he took under the winner-take-all approach.

This from The Huffington Post yesterday:

The proposal by Pileggi would distribute Pennsylvania’s electoral votes proportionally, based on the popular vote. In the 2012 election, President Barack Obama received all 20 of the state’s votes in the winner-take-all system. But under Pileggi’s plan, Obama — who captured 52 percent of the popular vote — would get only 12 votes; he would receive 10 out of 18 awarded proportionally, plus another two for winning in the state.

The Democrats, not content with standing idly by as Senator Pileggi and his fellow Republicans works their magic, sent a robo call message out to Democratic voters across the state yesterday.

The Republicans are at it again. They want to change the way Pennsylvania awards its Electoral College votes to help their candidates. They’re trying to change the rules to rig the game for the Republicans because they lost fair and square in 2012. State Sen. Ted Erickson can stop this bill. The Republican Party is scheming to rig the next election because they can’t run on the issues.

This plan will diminish Pennsylvania’s importance in future elections, and its role as a swing state where candidates spend time and money focusing on issues that are important to all Pennsylvanians. Tell [your state senator] you oppose the Republican election-rigging scheme.

Here’s the entire Huffington Post story.

I’ll let you know as soon as Senator Pileggi turns 100% of his focus back to the real issues impacting all our lives, say like property tax reform.

Don’t hold your breath. Not going to happen anytime soon.

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