Parkesburg’s Got Talent

Art & Music 04 Jan 2014
Parkesburg’s Got Talent

Ed Heaton runs a landscape photography business and weather station from his home on Third Avenue in Atglen.  Parkesburg Today will feature more on Ed’s weather station and photography business in the coming weeks.

For now though lets start with a sampling from some of Ed’s best shots from the hundreds posted on his website.

Atglen Farm

Dusk at Atglen farm

Mercers bridge over the Octorara

Mercer’s Mill covered bridge over the Octorara

1.4.2013 Ed Heaton3

Sunset on the farm

1.4.2013 Ed Heaton4

Reflecting pool at Winterthur Gardens north of Wilmington

1.4.2013 Ed Heaton5

Fireworks over Harve de Grace in Maryland

1.4.2013 Ed Heaton6

Philadelphia skyline

To see a complete portfolio of Ed’s work visit his site here.

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