Parkesburg Yesterday

Parkesburg Yesterday

I stumbled upon the archives of the New York Times while bored at work this week.  With nothing better to do and experiencing a severe bout of “procrastinationitis,” I type “Parkesburg” in the paper’s online search field thinking perhaps the Times’ search engine would return five, maybe six links to articles about our little town.

Imagine my surprise when instead of five or six articles, fifty or sixty came back.  I have not had time to explore all of the articles yet (I can only put off actually doing my day job so long!) so I am not sure of the exact article count.  An article from the Times documenting the closure of Parkesburg National Bank under suspicious circumstances in May of 1924 went up earlier this week.

The article below announcing the death of Robert Andrew Parke at the age of 82 in New York City is from the paper’s May 17, 1936 edition.  According to the Obituary, Parke left Parkesburg to attend Lafayette College in Easton and, after a brief career in banking, made a name for himself in railroading.

The obituary notes Parke’s heroic single-handed capture and detention of Charles J. Guiteau, the preacher, writer and lawyer who shot United States President James A. Garfield in Union Station in Washington DC on July 2nd, 1881.  Garfield died of his wounds two months later, just 200 days into his first term as president.

4.4.2014  R. A Parke Obituary

4.4.2014  R. A Parke Obituary2

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