Parkesburg Yesterday

Parkesburg Yesterday

These pictures of an April 1970 bike rally organized by Borough Council and sponsored by Parkesburg area merchants are remarkable not only for the parents, kids and police officers captured in the pictures, but the background of each picture that give us a glimpse into what Parkesburg looked like 43 years ago.

12.15.2013 1970 Bike Rodeo3

From Left to right Jim Massey, Chief Carl P. Morelli, Prescilla Massey, Shawn Baron, Pat Baron (only partially visible), Dick Baron, Rick Baron.

Look beyond the bikes, peoples, table and chairs and you’ll see a Parkesburg long since torn down and rebuilt.

The white three car garage in the background of both pictures for instance, sits precisely where the Turkey Hill convenience store sits today.

The building behind the table and to the right in the above picture is a bank building (not sure of the name) torn down in the 1970’s to make way for what was Longenecker’s Pharmacy and the Fulton Bank Building.

Please leave a comment below if you remember any of the people or buildings from yesterday’s Parkesburg.

Tip of the hat to Gerry Treadway, Parkesburg historian extraordinaire, for these pictures.

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