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7.12.2013 Parkesburg Yesterday

As posted by Deb Deb Zwicker Wilson on Facebook this morning.

The turn of the century view of Parkesburg is of the south side of the 200 block of Main Street looking west presumably from a rooftop perch.

Tip of the hat to Parkesburg historian Gerry Treadway for sharing the following description of the post card scene:

The post card shows the area that is present day Rocco’s parking lot.

State Street bridge is in foreground with stairs that went from Front St. to State St. bridge.

To the right shows Methodist Church with steeple – built in 1890.

Front Street at the time was the location of the railroad train station and control tower as was many businesses located there such as Right House Tavern (correct spelling) and Wright House Hotel (correct spelling), restaurants and business houses.

The building in the foreground with the sign is the site of H. Dorsheimer a maker of carriages, wagons, buggies, phaetons and surreys – known as the largest maker of wagons in Chester County.

The brick building above State St. bridge is the site of Parkesburg Electric Power Building on Maple St. built in 1894 to supply electricity to the town.

In the distance one can see the E. Bridge St. bridge – these bridges were built in the mid 1880’s.


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