Parkesburg Yesterday

Parkesburg Yesterday

This is a 100-year old picture of then Octorara Trail Road (now Route 10) heading north out of town toward what is now the WalMart plaza.

Note the elaborate stone columns along the entrance walk, the hammock on the porch, and the man leaning against the barbed-wire fence across the road.  Not much distance existed between the barn and the edge of the road.

The utility poles on the right are telephone and electric wires installed in the early 1900’s.

The poles, stone column, barn on the left and the wrap around porch were probably removed when Octorara Trail Road (Route 10) was widened and paved in the 1920’s.

The house though still stands.  Painted black with pink trim, the house sits just a few feet above Route 10 on the north end of town.

Here’s another view of the same house facing east toward Sasburyville.

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