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Parkesburg Todayis indebted to Kathi Rendall and unofficial Parkesburg historian Kerry Glenn this morning for the contents of this post.  Kathi posted the three post cards below on Facebook yesterday and Kerry’s subsequent comments were worth capturing on these pages.  Thanks to both!
Post card courtesy of Kathi Rendall
Kerry Glenn’s comment:

See the “Bell Telephone” sign two doors west of the Bank? That’s where the town’s switchboards were prior to 1933. Two of my Great-Aunts worked there as Operators – Helen Varnes and Irene Cromleigh.

Post card courtesy of Kathi Rendall
Kerry Glenn’s Comment:

A few of those old tourist cabins are still there – and another is next door at the former “Piston Poppers” cycle track. Cement post is the Lincoln Highway mile marker, installed in 1928.

Post card courtesy of Kathi Rendall

Kerry Glenn’s comments:

1916 Seagraves. When my Grandmother & Grandfather (F. Roy and Mae Varnes Connell) returned home from their Honeymoon trip in 1925, the Fire Co. pulled up in front of their house one evening, sat them up high in the back, and drove them all over with the siren wailing and the bell clanging.

My Grandfather was Fire Chief at the time, and they came up in the fire truck to 520 Second Avenue prior to the monthly Fire Co. meeting, put them on the truck and drove around town, then dropped her off at home again and they drove back over to the old Fire Hall (State Street) and then had their meeting.

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