Parkesburg Today’s Top 2013 Stories – Continued

Parkesburg Today’s Top 2013 Stories – Continued

Yesterday, when I did the top Parkesburg Today stories of 2013, I left out several important stories that deserve to be included in the list. Technical difficulties prevent these three from being added to the poll on yesterday’s post, but the stories are important enough to be highligted and included on the list of top Parkesburg 2013 stories. .

7.19.2013 LongeneckerIn a town that grew up on family owned and run drug stores, there were once 4 operating in town, the shuttering of Parkesburg’s last such store in July was disappointing. When Dick and Debbie Brown sold Longenecker Pharmacy to the CVS Caremark national chain and moved on to the next phase of their life, something called retirement, whatever that is, we all felt a collective sadness not just in the fact, as pointed out, “Parkesburg (population 3,600) will no longer see the Longenecker Pharmacy sign at the Parkesburg Shopping Center,” but knowing that another chapter of the town’s storied commercial past had come to a close.

In July, Parkesburg Fire Company, in operation since 1894, entered a new phase when members of the all volunteer fire company, after 18 months of formal discussions and negotiations, decided collectively to merge with Pomeroy and Atglen fire companies to become the Keystone Valley Fire Department.  The merger enjoyed the full blessing and support of Parkesburg, West Sadsbury, Pomeroy, and Highland borough and township councils with Atglen’s Borough Council taking a wait/see approach.  Getting that many individuals, organizations and municipalities to agree on anything is unheard of in this day when rancorous debate over the silliest of notions is an every day occurrence. Getting an agreement on merging three fire companies, each with their own unique histories, reputations and traditions is damn near impossible to pull off.  But they did and the Parkesburg Fire Company is now history.

12.28.2013 Keystone

Finally, Borough Council’s decision to limit visitor comments at the beginning and end of council meetings to 3 minutes has to be one of the most ridiculous edicts ever passed by Parkesburg’s Borough Council.  Some accomplishment given council’s quarrelsome and argumentative history (remember the United States Supreme Court ruling back in the 1990’s that sprang from Parkesburg’s council meetings?).  Most councils and school boards welcome visitor comments it being the only time many members have to hear what residents want and are thinking.  Not this council.  As Carol Seawell found out in October, if you and have something to say or an opinion to express at Council’s monthly meeting, you better speak fast, because the seconds are ticking away.  Lets hope Council finds a more productive use of their time in 2014 like possibly fixing the sidewalks along Main Street and First Avenue, revitalizing the business districts, patching the potholes or finally repairing the West Street bridge.  Keep hope alive, right!

What have I missed?  Leave a comment if you think there are other stories we should add to the list of top 2013 posts.




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