Parkesburg Today Is Back, I’m Moving On

Parkesburg Today Is Back, I’m Moving On

OK Parkesburg and the greater Octorara community, I need your help.

You have undoubtedly noticed I’ve been largely absent on these pages the last several months.  An intense atmosphere at work, pressing church duties and a new Chester County project together with all the normal day-to-day responsibilities of paying bills and visiting far-flung children and grandchildren, all diverted my attention away from keeping Parkesburg Today up to date and current.

You’ve been patient with me, writing notes and talking to me at Seawell’s and in the isles of Wal-mart encouraging me to get back to the work of keeping Parkesburg informed.

As of this morning, I’m back.  Not in the full-throated way I was a year or two ago, but never the less back at my PT keyboard.  There may not be a post every day but Parkesburg Today will again be your one-stop source for local information, events and occasional insight.

Here’s where you come in.

12.14.2014 VT LogoThe Chester County project mentioned above is a recently launched news hub named VISTA Today.

Modeled after Parkesburg Today, VISTA Today publishes six to eight stories every weekday on events, achievements and successes that make Chester County one of the top counties in the United States.

County political and business leaders have been very generous of their praise and support VISTA Today.  The Chester County Economic Development Council in Exton has been and continues to be my indispensable partner in bringing VISTA Today to life.

One well-known political leader told me over the summer, “It’s about time someone made some noise about what’s happening here in Chester County,”

Making celebratory noise about Chester County is VISTA Today’s mission; showcasing the county’s quality of place and economic health with short, concise, easy to read summaries of the County’s assets; its business, cultural and community news and events.

But like I said, I could use your help.

When you click over to VISTA Today to check out my new project, please become a subscriber.

Subscribing is free, takes just a few seconds and ensures a daily email spotlighting Chester County’s top commerce, culture and community news ends up in your inbox.

Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your patience over the last several months.  Thank you for spending a few minutes on Parkesburg Today, and now VISTA Today, every day.

I could live anywhere.  I’m so blessed to call Parkesburg, the Octorara community and Chester County home.

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