Parkesburg Resident Levels Corruption Charge Against Council, Parkesburg Today Blog

Yes, this is a real Facebook post posted last night after Borough Council meeting.

The accusation marks the first time in anyone’s recent memory the charge of corruption has been leveled at Council.

Incompetence perhaps, but never corruption.

Whether Joey has any facts to back up his assertion remains to be seen.

My mother taught me to always be suspicious of politicians who shriek corruption where none exists.  The pol who makes what amounts to be an unsubstantiated accusation often turns out to be the most culpable of the charge he unashamedly levels at his blameless opponent.

Time will tell.

And, if you’re sick and just plain tired of how long and dirty the Presidential campaign has become, stay tuned for the 2013 Parkesburg Mayor’s race brought to you by some guy named Joey.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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