Parkesburg North’s New Polling Place

Parkesburg North’s New Polling Place

small_287817604Who says Republican and Democrats can’t work together?

Here in Parkesburg they can!  Over the summer leaders from both parties, lead by Chuck Persch on the Republican side and Democrat Rhett Lipscomb, worked together to move Parkesburg North’s polling place from the Schoolhouse Apartments on Strasburg Avenue to The Point at the end of Main Street on the west end of town.

The new site offered more on-site parking, better access for all and better lighting once inside.

If you live north of the tracks and need a reason to cast your ballot today, come down and take a look around The Point.

South of the tracks, the polling place is at the VFW at 406 Fourth Avenue, the same place its been for years.

Click here if you live somewhere outside of the Borough and not sure where to vote.

Wherever you live, whichever way you lean politically, get out and vote today.

Voting is patriotic!


photo credit: farlane via photopin cc

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