Parkesburg Library to Host Book Signing

Parkesburg Library to Host Book Signing

Join us at the Parkesburg Library for a book signing by Meredith Shaw, the 14 year-old Cochranville author of The Sword Maker’s Daughter, on Saturday, July 12, during the library’s summer hours 9:00 – 1:00.

The following is a sampling of why fans of fantasy adventure are reading this book:

“We were made to kill things. It’s in our blood. It’s in your blood.”

“I have the blood of a killer?”

“No, my dear, you have the blood of a warrior.”

Legna is an Engjellen, an ancient, immortal race of warriors. She lives a peaceful life in her small village with others of her kind. That is, until she stumbles across an evil plan in her very own lake. Korrtar, queen of all evil, is trying to poison the Engjellens, and Legna knows she is the only one that can stop her entire race from extinction. With the burden of her people’s trust on her back, she sets off on a journey filled with danger, magic, and adventure to defeat her enemy and save her land from utter chaos. Follow Legna Glowston as she begins her quest in The Swordmaker’s Daughter: The Poisoned Prince. Take part in a story of trust and betrayal as Legna struggles to do the impossible.

More on The Sword Maker’s Daughter here on Facebook and a full article about Meredith Shaw on Chester County Press here.


Top image courtesy of Chester County Press

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