Parkesburg Library Garden Update

Parkesburg Library Garden Update

By David Jones

Well, we are a month and a half into our growing season behind the Parkesburg Library and things are really looking good. We’ve had a few strawberries that were small but very sweet. We’ve harvested lots of herbs to date and our big plants are just coming on. We have plum tomatoes pink on the vine right now and zucchini we just started harvesting.

7.11.2014 Parkesburg Library gardensWe’ve managed to rebuild 2 bed frames and have targeted another 3 to complete in the coming weeks. Lettuce, arugula, broccoli rabe’ and amaranth have all been prolific. We got our first crop of peas this past week. Beans will be ready in another week for sure. We picked our first cucumber this past week too.

We have a compost bin that we constructed from pallets we got from the Chester County Food Bank. We’ve had 9 gardeners participate at one point or another and 4 have been consistent and regular. We’ve been challenged by the process of watering. We are catching water from a downspout and that has helped a lot, but we still have no outside source of water so we’ve been carrying buckets during the prolonged dry periods. Thankfully, they’re haven’t been too many of those.

We also have petunias, dahlias, marigolds adorning the some of the beds and the perimeter of the gardens, as well as a couple of hydrangeas. As I look at where we are and where we started I feel we have met our goals and then some. The gardens look great and add a wonderful outdoor setting to the library that is a big improvement from past years. The momentum we’ve started will carry us into next season and hopefully, many more to come.

If you haven’t seen the gardens yet, please stop by.


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