Parkesburg Community Church Plans Grand Opening Series

Last Friday night Nate Stevens, pastor of Parkesburg Community Church (, gave me a tour of his church.

Picture posted by Kerry Glenn on Facebook

The Parkesburg Community Church is the beautiful old white chapel that sits above the intersection of Main Street and Strasburg Avenue.

The congregation purchased the facility in a state of disrepair from the Masons in 2004 and proceeded to pour a whole lot of sweat equity into repairing, re-pointing, recasting and repainting the entire edifice.

The results oozes Pastor Stevens passion for his work and the love the congregation has for the Savior and all us sinners.

Nate and his wife Summer hope the church serves as a place where hurting and broken people find love and acceptance.

The congregation is having their grand opening series April 17th – May 1st entitled “Promise, Hope and Redemption: Discovering the Meaning of Life.”  It begins Palm Sunday, then Easter Sunday, and the following week Pastor Stevens is preaching on Pentecost.

The public is invited.  Sunday services are as follows:

Prayer                                 9:00am
Coffee and Treats                  9:45 am
Service                             10:15 am
Junior Church                  10:15 am
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