Parkesburg Commercial Property Of The Week

Commercial 14 Jun 2014
Parkesburg Commercial Property Of The Week

When the old Acme building at 418 West First Avenue went up for sale last week for $280,000, I went scurrying to Parkesburg historian Gerry Treadway for a run down of the building’s history.

Here’s what he sent me:

Many people will remember the Parkesburg Acme located at 418-420 W. 1st Ave. In 1942 the structure was built from start to finish in 12 weeks. It replaced two American Stores (ACME) located in town. One was located at 316 Main St. and another was located at 402 W. 1st Ave. The new store was promoted as the most modern store of the time with 12 employees.

6.14.2014 Acme2The store was modernized in 1960 and closed in 1969 when a larger and updated store opened at the Parkesburg Center and that store closed May 1, 2003 after serving the area from 1917, a span of 86 years.

The vacant building has become a 1st Ave. architectural rarity. The “post war” design makes it one of the few remaining structures of this style left in the country.

The original Acme building has had a variety of business ventures over the years. Longenecker’s Pharmacy once was located there as has been law offices, dog grooming, a bike shop, brewing shop, Auto Parts Store, Parkesburg Centennial Headquarters in 1972, Day Care Center, Flooring/rug store and others.

Many local folks received their introduction to the working world at “ACME”.

For pictures and more information on the sale of the building check out the realtor’s page here.

6.14.2014 418 First Avenue

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