Dinniman: Parkesburg Amtrak Station Still On Hold

Dinniman: Parkesburg Amtrak Station Still On Hold

Put this post the category of, “I wish I had better news.”

The news out of Harrisburg regarding our long-shuttered train station is not good.  I reported in October, that PennDOT’s plans to refurbish Amtrak’s Chester County stops did not include Parkesburg’s historic station.

Here’s an excerpt from a post I wrote for publication later today on VISTA Today, my Chester County business news hub, reporting on comments Senator Andy Dinniman made at a breakfast meeting in West Chester I attended a couple of weeks ago:

Parkesburg: Instead of moving the station closer to Route 10, PennDOT made the decision to keep the station where it is.  Unlike the other four Chester County Amtrak stops however, Parkesburg isn’t on PennDOT’s list of stations to be upgraded.  “The station was on the list when I received my new senate district two years ago. Its not there now,” said Dinniman.” He expressed hope that once the new administration in Harrisburg settles in, he’ll be able to bump the project back on PennDot’s list.

1.19.2014 Andy DinnimanLike I said, not good news.

If there is any good news to be had in Senator Dinniman’s update, and admittedly you have to look hard to find it, it is that he is in our corner and fighting for Parkesburg in Harrisburg.

Having spent so much time here as a county commissioner before being elected to State Senator in 2006, Dinniman, unlike any pol in recent history, knows and understands Parkesburg.

With Senator Dinniman in our corner I remain confident our train station, in some form or another, will be built.

Whether or not it is built in our lifetimes however, is anyone’s guess.

Stay tuned.


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