Octorara Yesterday

Octorara Yesterday

Ever wonder about the origin of the word “Octorara?”

According to Chapter 3 of Wimer W. MacElree’s Around The Bounderies Of Chester County published in 1934, “the name Octorara is of [American] Indian origin and was used to designate a subtribe of [American] Indians having a village and encampment near the eastern bank of” what is now known as the Octorara Creek.

The spelling of the creek’s name varied over the years from “Otteraroe” to “Ouchteraroe” to the more frequently heard “Octoroaro,” but the beauty of the water way remained.

Here’s Chapter Three of MacElree’s book.

2.9.2014 Page 202.9.2014 Page 21


2.9.2014 Page 222.9.2014 Page 23

2.9.2014 Page 242.9.2014 Page 25

2.9.2014 Page 26

Previous MacElree chapters about life in Western Chester County here and here.

(Above image courtesy of Bill Bittle posted to Facebook last October.)

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