New Jobs, Equipment, Medical Practices Herald New Parkesburg Clinic Opening

New Jobs, Equipment, Medical Practices Herald New Parkesburg Clinic Opening

By Jack Mariano

Wednesday, October 16th marks the official opening of the Lancaster General Hospital Outpatient Center located at 950 Octorara Trail at Routes 10 and 30 across from The West Sadsbury Commons Shopping Center.

In a tour Wednesday afternoon given by Brad Stevens, LGH’s director responsible for the day-to-day operations of the new clinic seen standing above in front of the clinic’s x-ray equipment, Parkesburg Today learned the new clinic has created 45 to 50 net-new jobs for Lancaster General Health.

The 39,000-square-foot, $16 million health center will feature primary and specialty care, outpatient services and an urgent care clinic. The urgent care clinic will be open seven days a week with extended hours to treat patients for minor medical emergencies.

10.11.2013 self checkin

Lancaster General Health’s Brad Steven’s explains how the clinic’s state-of-the-art self-checkin kiosks will save time and shorten patient wait times.

The main entrance to the center, located on the south side of the building features a large lobby area, which will have two self check-in kiosks for outpatient registration.

Stevens explained, “You just swipe in your credit card and your personal information will be entered into the system. Payment for services will not be deducted from your account at that time.” This is a time saving convenience for patients avoiding filling out paperwork.

The second entrance to the building, located on the west side, is the entrance for the Urgent Care Center. This area is designed so that patients and staff travel through separate hallways freely without interfering with each other.

The exam rooms are furnished with the most current equipment and patient records are computerized and networked with the data that is also used by the main hospital in Lancaster.

The health center will offer outpatient lab testing, X-ray, digital mammography and MRI along with cardiac and pulmonary function testing, physical therapy, diabetes education and home sleep studies.

According to Stevens, in the past, sleep disorder studies were conducted within the hospital, leaving the patient to try and sleep in a strange room. The new plan is to have the study done in the comfort of the patients’ own home, in their own bed.

10.11.2013 Dr. Dimarco

Dr. Anthony DiMarco describes the services his family practice will offer to Jack Mariano during Wednesday’s tour.

Dr. Anthony DiMarco, D.O. of Chadds Ford, PA, will supervise the brand new Parkesburg Family Medicine Center on the building’s first floor. The spacious 10 room exam area, all outfitted with modern amenities and equipment, is located directly below the Urgent Care Center and staffing can flow back and forth to either area to assist one another during peak patient volumes.

Stevens noted that for the first six weeks of operation, the Family Medicine group will operate out of the Urgent Care Center.

The Laboratory Services Center is one of the featured areas of the complex and offers the standard testing services. One service that stands out at this facility is the utilization of “Finger Stick Pro Times”. Prothrombin Time (PT) is a blood test that measures the time it takes for the liquid portion (plasma) of blood to clot. This will be a rapid means to determine if patients who are taking anti-coagulants or blood thinners are receiving the correct dose for their body.

For new users of these medications several of these tests can be ordered until the medication amounts and rates of administration can be adjusted. The finger stick method is less invasive and faster than obtaining a blood sample though intra-venous methods.

Dr. Antoinette M. Sulpizi, MD, one of the main cardiologists of the Heart Group Of Lancaster General Health, will manage the cardiology center. According to the Heart Group Web site,

“The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health’s doctors founded The Lancaster Heart & Stroke Foundation in 1993, and they continue to lead the Foundation, which conducts clinical trials and affords local residents access to these advances long before they become available to the general public.”

“Our group also has been responsible for many medical firsts, pioneering interventional techniques that were performed for the first time right here in Lancaster. We are one of just a few practices in the nation to offer lipid apheresis treatments outside of the hospital setting. In addition, our congestive heart failure clinic manages more than 10,000 patient visits annually.

“Patient and physician education and disease prevention are major focuses of our practice. We participate in community events to raise awareness of risk factors and help people live heart-healthier lives. Also, our physicians and nurses present locally and nationally in professional conferences and publish articles to contribute to the advancement of cardiovascular medicine.

10.11.2013 Ultasound DSCN4239The new health clinic also houses a complete Obstetrics and Gynecological exam center featuring ultra sound and aesthetically pleasing and comfortable exam rooms.

Orthopedics and Neurosurgery consults will be offered in the near future.

Also, within the building is a spacious conference room with a functional kitchen which is available free of charge to community groups for meetings and events.

Arcadia Properties, LLC, Bethlehem, is developer of the LG Health Center project. The health center will be part of the planned Sadsbury Commons development, an 80-plus acre residential, commercial and retail complex.

About twenty- five percent of the building remains under “finish” construction and is available for leasing through the developer.


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