Jones’ Food Street Journal: POUR

Jones’ Food Street Journal: POUR

By David Jones

POUR has been a popular spot on 114 North Prince Street in Lancaster for a couple years, so we decided to check it out during the first Friday art stroll.

We shared a cheese plate to start with our wine that was very nice and reasonable for $11, but needed something more than mustard to go with three very different cheeses. I also started with a very good Gazpacho for $9.

On the main course I had a veggie and pasta dish that barely had a cup of total product ($15). The veggies were so few and covered with so much sauce you couldn’t taste them. Lin got a selection of pork that was nice, but too expensive for so little ($18).

Six months ago we tried to get a reservation the day before first Friday and couldn’t get in. This time you could walk right up and get a table indoor or out. Perhaps others are feeling the same as us. You might go here once, but it doesn’t command a return engagement.

As the name implies, POUR does have a very large selection of beers at premium prices. The wine list, however, was not very impressive for a place that specializes in drinks and the prices “started” at $36 with just one bottle at that price and then a jump to $44. If you want to watch people during the art stroll, this place is certainly good for that, but the seats will cost you. With wine our total bill was $111.00, too much for so little.

I would like to recommend the first Friday art stroll, though. We’ve been doing this for 10 years and it keeps getting better every month. A new gallery opened this month at 104 West King Street and the free entertainment keeps expanding. There are plenty of places offering free treats and drinks as you stroll, so you can have a great time for nothing more than the cost of parking while enjoying the shows.

David Jones is a contributing writer. 

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