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Dining 17 May 2015
Jones’ Food Street Journal

By David Jones

Well, you can’t get any further south in Chester County than our latest culinary trip to Taqueria Moroleon in Avondale on Route 41 in Southern Chester County. The Taqueria sits right on the borderline with the State of Delaware.

From our home in Parkesburg it takes about 20 minutes. Depending on the time and the day you might choose, getting through Avondale can add 5-10 minutes to your trip.

1unnamedThe first thing we noticed about Taqueria Moroleon is this is a popular place. We made our reservation for seven a few days in advance and if you don’t reserve ahead you could have to wait for a table.

The inside of the Taqueria is very colorful and comfortable. Although the room was packed we could still hear everyone at our large table, so the noise isn’t overwhelming.

The menu is quite large. They also have a substantial selection of drinks. Since we were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, we felt we had to try the margaritas and Mojitos.

There is quite a large selection of both and we thought they were all quite good. They have quite a range in price, depending on the type of alcohol you choose. Our drinks were all $5.99.

One of our family’s traditions when we have a large group like this is to pass around a taste for everyone. This way we can compare our meals. In this case 6 out of 7 reported to be satisfied with their choices. Only Cathy was disappointed, saying the tamales were dry and lacked flavor.

2unnamedI had the shrimp quesadilla and I liked it a lot. The shrimp was done to perfection. My nephew Dayne had the deep fried skirt steak that comes with tortillas to make tacos. Dayne liked his a lot. He and his Dad also had the jalapeno poppers for an appetizer. This came with a salad and they were both satisfied as were the others around the table that shared the dishes.

Lin had the spicy cheese enchiladas. They were good, though Lin didn’t think they were spicy at all. I will say that when Lin orders spicy she likes it to ‘kick’. These enchiladas were not kicking enough.

2unnamedSteve had a combination platter that included a burrito and an enchilada. He liked his dish. Samantha had a cheese enchilada that she liked a lot.

You really can’t talk about a Mexican ‘style’ restaurant without paying at least lip service to the tortilla chips. Taqueria Moroleon has very good chips and salsa and they are ready to refill your bowl any time, which is greatly appreciated.

All-in-all we came away happy and satisfied with our meals. The service was good and attentive. I have to say that if you live south of Avondale this is a nice place for Mexican ‘style’ food. If you live anywhere else in Chester County fighting the traffic on Route 41 through Avondale is just not worth it to me.

There are so many other choices for Mexican ‘style’ food in southern Chester County. Kennett Square and the area near Lincoln University and Oxford have lots of equally good choices. This place has a good reputation and they do a nice job, but in my opinion there’s nothing that separates it from a crowd of equally good Mexican ‘style’ restaurants.

5.15.2015 map

Taqueria Moroleon

9173 Gap Newport Pike

Avondale, PA 19311



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