Heroes, Projects and Legal Costs Focus Of Octorara Board Meeting

Heroes, Projects and Legal Costs Focus Of Octorara Board Meeting

Local LancasterOnline reporter Debbie Wygent posted a couple of articles on last week’s Octorara school board meeting including this one on the new empty school district sign (above) on the campus’ northwest corner:

The blank Octorara Area School District sign at Route 41 and Highland Road means there’s nothing happening on the campus, right?

Don’t bet on it.

The sign along the busy Route 41 corridor is empty because it needs repairs, which are likely to cost the school district $650 to $800, according to Nelson Stoltzfus, a member of the school board’s facilities committee.

Debbie’s article detailing other repair projects in the district’s cross-hairs including its waste-water treatment plant and one of the district’s three wells is here.

Wygent’s summary of the same meeting published last week included this description the 20 high school seniors designated as Octorara Heroes:

The Octorara Area School Board meeting Monday, Oct. 21, was an evening of handshakes and applause as the district recognized some long-time school board members as well as this year’s Octorara Heroes: high school students who pledge to remain drug and alcohol free and act as mentors to elementary school youth.

“Every year we are amazed by the students who are inducted into this program,” said Sandy Federici, high school guidance counselor and Heroes program coordinator.

Federici especially praised the heroes for their commitment to be drug and alcohol free.

Octorara Heroes visit elementary school students, present them with their own sports cards, and take part in confidence building activities with their young peers.

This school year’s heroes are Briana Balady, Courtney Blake, Eliza Brown, Nick Conforti, Hailey Denlinger, Ann Donnelly, Austin Ellis, Daniel Evans, Sara Fiscus, Hayley Fisher, Spencer Fox, and Jorey Hill.Also, Emma Hutchinson, Robert Jennings, Jenni Kauffman, Dominique Lapp, Elizabeth Lapp, Kyle Mast, Courtney Moore, Sarah Richey, Deaven Shade, Courtney Thompson, Mandi Wendling and Brittany Wier.

Wygent’s entire LancasterOnline article is here.

Ellen Brown’s Octorara Notes blog entry recounting the same meeting includes an update on the open records claim filed by school board candidate Tim Alexander, a claim subsequently rejected by the State’s Office of Open Records. According to Brown’s notes responding to Alexander’s claim had cost the district $5,500. Ellen’s notes are here.

Last but not least, the most comprehensive and exact transcript of October’s school board meeting come from Board Secretary Jill Hardy can be read here.

How does she do it?


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