Grade Parkesburg’s Snow Removal Job

Grade Parkesburg’s Snow Removal Job

Three full days after the second of two back-to-back blizzards pushed through the Octorara region last week its time to pass judgement.

The two storms, one on Wednesday night that dumped 15 to 18 inches of the white stuff on our roads and sidewalks and then the Thursday night storm, just 24 hours later, that dumped another 12 inches on top of what was already there, packed a one-two punch not seen in these parts for years, if ever.

And lets not even talk about the ice storm the previous Wednesday that left most of us without power for at least 48 hours, even longer for the nomads of the Woods Lane area.

We took the best of What Mother Nature has to offer last week and nary flinched!

Yes, there were the school closings and the shoveling (whoever invented the snow blower deserves a Nobel Prize!) and not being able to get to and from work.  I get that.  In the grand scheme of things however, those are inconveniences that pass with the storm.  For the most part our homes, institutions including police and fire departments and infrastructure held up well allowing us to resume normal life once the storm passed and we dug out our cars and trucks.

The question I want you to think about this morning is, how did the Borough do.  Every time one of these storms blow through, Borough officials have the unenviable task of coordinating the clean-up.  Its a thankless job.  If everything goes well, the streets get plowed and the fallen limbs cleaned up, everyone goes about their business.

If the opposite happens and the cleanup effort is somehow botched, watch out!  The collective wrath of the Burg’s 1,300 households is aimed squarely at Mayor Hagan, Borough Manager Jim Thomas and all seven members of Borough Council  individually and collectively.  We scream and heads roll.

So how do you think City Fathers (and mothers!) did plowing the streets and clearing the snow after last week’s double whammy?

Based on the planning that went on before the storm, the much improved communications, the speed and relentlessness at which the 2.12.2014 Rickstreets were cleared and the extra efforts made to remove snow from the Borough’s two business districts along Main Street and First Avenue earned Borough officials, in my never-to-be-humble opinion, a solid B+ grade.

Cleaning the back streets like Maple Avenue and more regular, informative communications from the Mayor and Borough Manager would have earned the Borough an “A” grade from me.  But that’s just quibbling.  Borough officials did a good job clearing the streets and getting the town back on its feet and about our business.

Answer the poll below with how you think Borough officials did before 6 PM Monday evening.  An “A” grade means you think the Borough was prepared and street crews did a great job.  A “B” grade (or some form thereof) means the Borough did a good job but there’s room for improvement.  A “C” grade means you were not happy and want to see big changes made.  If you’re so inclined leave your thoughts about what the Borough could do better in a comment field below.

I’ll report the results of the poll to Borough Council this evening at their month meeting.


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