Fire Department Working Hard To Keep Parkesburg Informed

Fire Department Working Hard To Keep Parkesburg Informed

No one gives more to the Parkesburg community than do the members of the Keystone Valley Fire Department.

We all know about their mission to rush into dangerous, even life threatening situations where others are fleeing whether that situation be a burning house or an out-building or one of the all-to-frequent auto accident on Route 41 or at the Route 10 and 30 intersection.

What many of us don’t know however, is how much time and efforts members of the Fire Company put in every month not just training to fight fires and rescue trapped passengers from mangled compartments, but the never ending campaign to recruit members and raise enough money to keep the Fire Department’s lights on.

The reason most of us are unaware of the burden shouldered by Fire Department members is that until recently there just hasn’t been the time or resources for the fire company to tell their story, to keep the rest of us informed, to give us a clue of what goes on in the First Avenue fire house.

All that changed a couple of months ago when a group of firefighters led by Pete Mango took over Keystone Valley Fire Department’s communications responsibilities.  Mango, a resident of Washington Avenue on Parkesburg’s north side and a former Octorara school board member, took over fire department communications and public relations duties in October.  And it shows.

Mango, or someone on his team, makes it a point to attend community planning meeting representing the fire department making sure the fire company’s voice is heard.  The team is also breathing new life into the fire department’s website, posting updates several times a week all in an effort to community residents engaged and informed.

Here are a couple examples from recent fire department posts. This one from the Fire Department’s community service performed on the Martin Luther King holiday a couple of weeks ago:

Several of our Junior Firefighters volunteered to help Pastor Dwayne Walton and Pastor Chandal Taylor with the Point’s “Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service” celebration at the Parkesburg Point today.

The community was invited to join The Point for a pancake breakfast and then small service projects around The Point.

Pastor Dwayne Walton said,”The KVFD youth were incredible, I was totally surprised because I didn’t expect them to be here. They were productive and exactly the type of behavior and service we would like kids attending The Point to model.”

Pastor Chandal Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator at The Point posted today on Facebook in reference to the event,”Takes a community to change a community. Thankful for those that come and volunteer.”

They ended the day by taking dozens of donated boxes of cereal to the Octorara Area Food Cupboard.

The complete post here.

The donation of excess fire fighting equipment to Octorara Area School District:

On Wednesday January 29, 2014, the Keystone Valley Fire Department loaded up equipment that has been consolidated from the Pomeroy-Parkesburg-Atglen Fire Companies that can still be used for purposes of education, and traveled to the Octorara Area School District for a delivery.

The Octorara School District runs a protective services Career Technical program titled “Homeland Security and Protective Services.”

This program under Mr. Mark Barto, a teacher who is also a fire chief and fire instructor, provides instruction on firefighting and other Homeland Security topics as part of the high school curricula.

The students are encouraged to join local fire companies and get hands on experience. At the completion of this program, the students have valuable technical knowledge and experience, and are in an excellent position to seek careers in protective services, firefighting, emergency management and EMS.

The complete post here.

Or responding to a serious accident along Route 10 last week:

On the cold and frigid Sunday afternoon of January 26, 2014 at 14:53 hours Keystone Valley Fire Department was dispatched to Route 372 and Route 10 for an auto accident.

Ambulance 8 along with Battalion 44 were in the area and could not locate the accident. Shortly after Battalion 44 advised CCFR he was flagged down for an reported accident three (3) miles south on Route 10.

Ambulance 8 continued that direction along with Battalion 44. On-scene they found a two (2) vehicle accident with entrapment.

KVFD was re-dispatched along with Westwood for one ambulance and Medic 93 to Route 10 in front of Griest Auction for an Accident w/ Entrapment.

Deputy 8 (Gathercole) arrived on-scene and assumed the “Route 10” Command.

The full post here.

Kudos to Mango and his team!  Kudos to every member of Keystone Valley Fire Department for keeping us safe AND for finally keeping us informed and in the loop!

(The image above of Junior firefighter Peter, Mo, Joe and Nathan working the Parkesburg Point event is courtesy of the the Keystone Valley Fire Department)

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