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Seven guesses to yesterday’s FIF but only three had it right on both counts.

The picture is the cornerstone to the Wilde & Sons Funeral Home addition built in 1955.

But the funeral home isn’t the only building in town with ‘V. M. carved into the side.  Turns out Crystal Springs Apartment on Route 10, the Library as well as the VFW on Fourth Avenue all share the same ‘V. M.’ inscription.

Old timers and those who grew up in and around Parkesburg know that the initials were put there by stone mason and builder, Van McIntire. 

According to his son-in-law and sometime contributor to Parkesburg Today, Jack Mariano, McIntire was born on July 24, 1930 in nearby Modena just south of Coatesville.

When Van was 11 he moved with his family to Parkesburg where he attended Parkesburg School on Strasburg Avenue and then went to Williamson Trade Media.

After graduation Van served in the US Army in the 1950’s during the Korean conflict.

Van built many homes in the Parkesburg area and he was famous for his stone cutting, piecing together and his finishing stone work and his company was the exclusive stone mason for Doutrich builders.

Aside from the addition to the Wilde Funeral Home in 1955, he also built both the Crystal Springs Apartments and the Black Hawk Apartments in Downingtown.

Van did the stone work on the east side of Beale Manor, closing in the porch to a dining room.  Van also constructed the Parkesburg Library and the Parkesburg VFW on Fourth Avenue.

Van B. McIntire died on July 6, 1982.

These three people guessed the right location yesterday:

  • Tom VanArsdale
  • Wanda Smale
  • David Townsend

And the winner of the free Rocco & Anna’s Pizza is . . . David Townsend.  David was the first one to submit a correct answer.

Congrats David!

Thanks everyone for playing Find It Friday.  Check back next week for something a bit off the beaten path but as always, in plain sight.

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