Election Results – Continued

Council President Mel Keen speaks to a regional planning group in September at Parkesburg borough hall.

Lancaster Online lead their election coverage yesterday with the results of Tuesday’s Parkesburg’s  Borough Council election results.

As reported in Parkesburg Today yesterday, Chuck Persch and Sharon Wolf easily won reelection to Council with 216 and 220 votes respectively.

The race for the third open seat however was another story.  Council President Mel Keen eked out a to-close-to-call victory over political newcomer Barbara Taliaferro with just a 2 vote margin.  The unofficial final tally was 192-190.

The money quote from Lancaster Online spoke to just how close the outcome was:

A representative with the Chester County Department of Voter Services said “it will take at least a few weeks before ballots are hand-counted and made official.”

Read the entire Lancaster Online story here.


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