Eagles Recap

Chip Kelly

By Michael Storz

On Sunday, down by three points in the fourth quarter with a little over two minutes left, the Eagles had first and ten from the San Diego Chargers 14 yard line.

Chip Kelly ran three pass plays, burning 41 seconds off the game clock, leaving the Chargers with 1:45 on the clock with two timeouts and control of the football, which they most certainly did.

Even if the Eagles scored a touchdown, they would have left the Chargers with more than enough time to steal the game.

It’s far from all bad the Eagles were beaten in almost every offensive category and had the game tied at 30. The Chargers had 11 more first downs and ran 21 more plays, though both offenses had 11 drives each.

They lost 33-30.

With the new high-octane offense after the first two games, the Eagles have a 3 plus turnover ratio—which is great—but the biggest offensive difference between this game and the first game was the amount of running plays.

LeSean McCoy ran 31 times in week one, but had only 11 carries against the Chargers. The Eagles ran only 20 times on Sunday. McCoy did have five catches for over 100 yards and it’s understandable not wanting to wear down McCoy. But running has to be a more integral part to the Eagles offense.

The next few weeks may show how much trust Chip Kelly has in Bryce Brown. If the Eagles do not run the ball more, they will end up with more games with time of possession as seen versus the Chargers: 40:17-19:43.

The Eagles defense is not great, not even good. But if you were to leave even a great defense on the field for that long, NFL teams would figure them out.

Michael Storz is a contributing writer. 

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