Downingtown Mayor Declares Candidacy For New State House District

Downingtown Mayor Declares Candidacy For New State House District

Elected as Downingtown’s Mayor in 2009 and re-elected in 2013 with 68% of the vote, Democratic Mayor Josh Maxwell today announced his attention to run for the 74th State House District up for grabs in the November 2014 general election.

The new 74th district was created in the recent redistricting, and includes Parkesburg, the City of Coatesville as well as the townships of East Caln, Caln, East Fallowfield, Sadsbury, and Valley and the boroughs of Downingtown, Modena, and South Coatesville.

“I am running for State Representative because we need to grow our economy, fight for our schools, and ensure everyone gets a fair shake,” Josh Maxwell said.

“After growing up in a twin on Jefferson Avenue in Downingtown with my brother and two sisters, I understand what it means to have to work hard to make ends meet.”

“A top-tier education system and sustainable economic growth can make a difference for our families. In order to meet these challenges and secure a brighter future for our community we need strong leadership that can bring results. That leadership is lacking in Harrisburg, which is why I proudly announce that I will be running for State Representative.”

Democratic Mayor Josh Maxwell was named the Best Young Politician in the area by Philadelphia Magazine in 2011. Re-elected in 2013 by nearly 40 points, Democrat Josh Maxwell has repeatedly touted the importance of our education system in the community. “Creating more opportunities for working families and businesses starts with two things: a strong, properly funded School District and an environment conducive to strong economic growth that allows businesses to open, hire and grow.”

Mayor Maxwell restarted the Downingtown Main Street Association, which has helped grow our economy by facilitating partnerships between residents, businesses, and elected leaders. He served as President of that organization, and currently serves on the Board of the Downingtown Community Education Foundation.

11.12.2013 Josh Maxwell2Mayor Josh Maxwell was immediately endorsed by County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, Former State Representative Paul Drucker and officials from Caln, Valley, Sadsbury, South Coatesville, Downingtown, and the city of Coatesville.

Pastor Randall Harris, the President of the Coatesville Minister’s Alliance, has also endorsed Josh Maxwell, claiming “he represents the best of our values. His humble upbringing and focus on making our community better give him the right credentials to help the people that need it the most. I look forward to supporting Josh Maxwell for State Representative.”

County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone commented, “I have seen what Josh Maxwell’s passion, dedication and energy has brought to the Downingtown community. A fresh approach from somebody who understands community development is exactly what our Commonwealth needs. I am convinced that Josh Maxwell is the best choice to represent Chester County.”

Former State Representative Paul Drucker added, “I have seen what Mayor Maxwell has been able to do by building partnerships in the Downingtown community. His hardworking, positive attitude is exactly what Harrisburg needs. I fully support Josh Maxwell’s candidacy for the 74th State House seat.”

Labor leader and Democratic Zone leader Dave McLimans said “Josh Maxwell’s humble upbringing and dedication to working families is apparent each and every time I have had the opportunity to speak with him. Josh Maxwell is cut from the kind of cloth we need our legislators come from. I believe in Josh Maxwell, and I fully support his candidacy for State Representative.”

Maxwell’s endorsement list includes the following politicians and community leaders.

  • Kathi Cozzone, County Commissioner
  • Jackie Davis, Coatesville Democratic Committee Chairwoman
  • Paul Drucker, Former State Representative
  • Anthony Gazzerro, Downingtown Council President
  • Joe Hamrick, Coatesville City Council Vice President
  • Pastor Randall Harris, President of the Coatesville Minister’s Alliance
  • James Kennedy, South Coatesville Mayor and Coatesville NAACP Co-Founder
  • Patricia McGlone, Downingtown Council Member-elect
  • Dave McLimans, President of the Chester County Labor Council and Democratic Zone Leader
  • Stephannie McLimans, Democratic State Committee Member
  • Kathy O’Doherty, Valley Township Supervisor
  • Diane O’Dwyer, Democratic Zone Leader
  • Patrice Proctor, Valley Township Supervisors Chairwoman and Democratic Zone Leader
  • Alex Rakoff, Downingtown Council Member
  • Bill Schoell, Treasurer of the Chester County Democratic Committee
  • Joe Sciandra, Valley Township Supervisor-elect

12.12.2013 Josh Maxwell3

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