Deadly Kinzer Accident Gives Pause

News 28 Dec 2011

Photo courtesy of LancasterOnline

LancasterOnline’s report of a deadly accident on Route 30 in Kinzer earlier this week caused me to reflect back to Tuesday’s post quoting Parkesburg’s Police Chief Brian Sheller’s call for a law prohibiting drivers from using ANY electronic device while operating a car.

You’ll recall Sheller was quoted in Monday’s Daily Local News saying:

“Drivers are distracted enough. Too many things are happening at a very fast pace when you’re driving, too fast for distracted drivers to react properly in a multitude of hazardous and routine driving situations. A driver’s attention, regardless of age and experience, needs to be focused specifically on the awesome responsibility at hand — driving. The lives of other drivers and their passengers sharing the same roadways depend on it.”

While it is too early to know precisely what caused today’s crash, an accident that killed one man and sent the driver of the other car to the hospital with serious injuries, this sentence in the LancasterOnline story describing how the accident happened gave me pause:

“For unknown reasons, he traveled across the center turn lane and into the path of Gill, who was driving a 2008 Toyota Sienna east on Route 30.”

Since the young man was alone in his car, state police may never determine precisely why his car veered left across the turn lane into oncoming traffic.

One possibility is the kid was tired and fell asleep at the wheel.  Seeing how the accident happened mid-day, just after lunch, drowsiness though is not a likely cause.

More than likely something like a radio, a cell phone, a GPS device, anything, but something, distracted the young man and before he even knew what was happening . . . tragedy struck.

David Jones summed it up well earlier today when he commented on Tuesday’s post.  David wrote,

Although I don’t like intrusions into my personal life I dislike the roamers I see all over the road everyday. Accidents caused by distracted drivers are happening at an alarming rate. Many cancer survivors know that almost every family has been touched by cancer in some way or another. In the near future families will be able to say the same thing about the devastation caused by distracted drivers. It has to stop somewhere.

Our prayers are with the young man’s family and with the driver of the other car, a mother of three, as she recovers from her injuries.

None of us are clamoring for more government oversight, regulations and laws, even ones well intentioned as those called for by our police chief earlier this week.

But all of us understand the INTENT of Chief Sheller’s message and possess enough common sense to know talking is dangerous, texting is stupid and checking a Facebook or Twitter account while driving is not only dangerous, and stupid but asinine as well.

Thank you for reminding us to pay attention Chief Sheller.  We hear you.

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