Daily Local Names Parkesburg Tree Care Business Best Of County

Daily Local Names Parkesburg Tree Care Business Best Of County

The Daily Local News in West Chester awarded Parkesburg’s The Tree Doctor their 2013 “Reader’s Choice Awards” last week for the best tree service in Chester County.

In issuing the award, the newspaper called The Tree Doctors “true tree experts” and commended the company for “providing Chester County residents with a higher level of tree and shrub care through their professionally educated Arborist crews since 1989.”

Their slogan, “When you need more than just someone with a chainsaw,” means so much to their discerning clientele, that the Tree Doctors were voted “Best Tree Service” in Chester County.

Already a winner of the Parkesburg Area Business Association’s (P.A.B.A.) “Business Leader of the Year” award, this is their first all-county recognition of excellence.

The Tree Doctors offer a wide range of services from diagnostics, and treatments of insects and disease, to structural assessment, pruning and removal. They are the only “outside” Arborists that are invited into Longwood Gardens Arbor Day Celebration for “Ask the Arborist Day”.

Michael Martorana, ISA Certified Arborist, who is The Tree Doctor’s resident “Doctor”, is also company president, and holder of Longwood Gardens Certificate of Merit. Martorana is proud of the success of his 25 year old company.

According to Martorana, “our best clients want more than just someone with a chainsaw! They require knowledgeable Arborists who are trained and educated. They want value for their hard-earned money and they don’t want their trees mutilated! We have a dedicated staff of experts and we pride ourselves on providing a higher level of service.”

“When we care for a tree,” according to Martorana, “it’s healthier when we’re done then before we started.”

It’s often quite the opposite with most other uneducated tree companies, whose focus is on just removal or the terrible crime of tree topping Martorana said.

“Some guys don’t even know the name or the needs of the tree they are working on!”  “Not us,” Martorana states proudly. “Our staff is the best and our Arborist foreman Jeremiah Montgomery sees to it that every job is meticulously completed. Nothing is more important than making sure our clients are happy with their healthier, safer trees!”

Martorana has past experience serving as Vice President of Parkesburg Borough Council and on the borough’s Planning Commission.

For more information visit The Tree Doctor’s website at www.treedoctors.biz.

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