Constable’s Main Street Plans, Bridge Design Agreement Approved By Council

Constable’s Main Street Plans, Bridge Design Agreement Approved By Council

Larry Constable and his lawyer made watching paint dry look exciting at Parkesburg Borough Council meeting Monday night.

To be sure, it wasn’t Larry’s or his lawyer, Tim Knaur’s fault. But listening to Knaur lead Constable through an endless list of questions regarding the renovations Larry wants to make to his property at 352 Main Street in Parkesburg was as boring as Borough Council meetings gets.

Watching the grass grow under the 3 inches of snow that coated the Borough over the weekend would have been more entertaining!

All Larry wanted approved is his plan to transition his 352 Main Street property from office space to a combined office and residential use.  Because Constable’s plans call for what the Borough’s zoning codes labels “mixed use,” state law requires a Conditional Use Hearing complete with testimony under oath and a court reporter be held before any mixed use plans are approved.

12.17.2013 Larry Constable2Oh my!  Boring doesn’t begin to describe the experience.

I serious considered leaving half way through Larry’s testimony but thought better of it because one time mayoral candidate and Parkesburg’s resident film maker Joey Rzonca was capturing the entire dull, tedious, mind-numbing hearing on video from his perch by the stone eagle in the back corner of the room.

To make a long story short, what could have been accomplished in 5 minutes, tops, took the better part of an hour.

Without fanfare and with nary a question of their own (thank goodness!) the six members of Council present at last light’s session (Council VP Mel Keen was absent) unanimously approved Constable’s plans and moved on to other business.

Other business Monday night included:

  • Approval of the zero-tax-increase 2014 budget (more on the budget later this week)
  • Rejection of an ordinance increasing building height to 45 feet and cutting the number of parking spaces required per unit to 2.25 (from 2.5) requested by the developer considering creating a community of 2- and 3-bedroom luxury apartments at Crystal Springs along Route 10.
  • Police report including 32 traffic citations, 6 arrests and $17,000 and some change in fees and fines.
  • The approval of motion to authorize the borough to enter into an agreement with  Parson Brinckerhoof, “a global consulting firm assisting public and private clients to plan, develop, design, construct, operate and maintain hundreds of critical infrastructure projects around the world,” to develop a final design for the West Bridge Street bridge.  The Borough is responsible for 5 percent of the $500,633.58 cost of the agreement.
  • An announcement that the paper work is complete and signed and the Borough is the proud owner of the lot next to The Arms.

Finally, not wishing to prolong the already two hour long session one minute longer, Mayor Hagan dispensed with his unusual message to council and simply wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you Mr. Mayor and Happy New Year as well!



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