Conservancy Group Urges Participation In Route 41 Survey

Conservancy Group Urges Participation In Route 41 Survey

This message  from Safety, Agriculture, Villages & Environments (S.A.V.E.), a Kennett Square group of concerned area residents dedicated to developing a safer Route 41 while protecting the area’s scenic pastures and farmlands, arrived in my Inbox overnight:

PennDOT has heeded the concerns of residents, municipal officials, and S.A.V.E. It is conducting a study that should lead to effective safety improvements to Route 41. PennDOT seeks public input on four intersections. This is your chance to let PennDOT know your concerns.

To participate, use the online survey: or obtain hard copies of the survey from the offices of Londonderry Township, London Grove Township, or S.A.V.E.

The deadline for participation is Friday, February 28th.

This survey focuses on identifying the problems with the intersections as a first step. It does not solicit input on solutions.

While PennDOT is considering improving safety of the intersections of Routes 926 and 841 with Route 41, the survey covers four highway intersections: Route 926, White Horse Road, and Route 796 in Londonderry Township and Route 841 in London Grove Township.

PennDOT District Executive Lester C. Toaso has stated:

“We ask citizens to complete these brief surveys to provide us with insights on how they travel along Route 41 and use the intersections at Route 926 and Route 841. This information will be of tremendous value as we work to identify the transportation needs at these two crossings.”

The transportation improvement study on Route 41 is expected to be completed this summer. PennDOT then plans to start preliminary engineering on the project to improve Route 41 at its crossings with Route 926 and Route 841.

What is your opinion about Route 41? Please let PennDOT know that area residents who use these intersections are concerned and want action on long-overdue safety improvements

The survey is here. More information on S.A.V.E. here.



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