Commisioners’ Meeting In Parkesburg Draws 60 – Update

By Jack Mariano

Chester County’s three commissioners came to Parkesburg Wednesday evening as they brought their monthly business meeting to the “people”.

About 60 people packed into the charming, historic but small Borough Hall to see and hear Commissioners Ryan Costello, Chairperson, Kathi Cozzone and Terence Farrell praise the local area and its residents for working together to make the western end of Chester County a great place to live.

In his opening remarks, Chairman Costello stated the main purpose of getting out to these meetings is to “highlight the local region.”.

Borough Council President Kathleen Rick introduced the three county leaders to the public and welcomed them to the borough. Mayor John Hagan also welcomed the trio and presented each with his trademark fedora hat, a tradition that the Mayor bestows on special friends of the town.

The Commissioners then got down to business approving grants, bids etc that had been read and discussed at one of two “sunshine” meetings that the Commissioners hold monthly.

When the county business was completed, the “announcement’ portion of the meeting began with Lauren Heald, representing Victory Brewing Company in West Sadsbury Township, just outside the Borough, is well into production and successfully brewed the company’s first “batch” in 2013 around Thanksgiving.

To date, Heald reported to the commissioners, Victory has produced ten million bottles of beer in the Parkesburg plant and ships beer to thirty-four states.

Heald said that the company is very happy with the area in which they decided to build. Currently 30 full time employees work at the Parkesburg location and they are looking forward to expending with a restaurant in a year. The facility already offers a large catering hall for events. Environmental efficiency is a prime concern and is focused on recycling by-products; composting and donating used grains back to local farmers to help feed their livestock.

Commisstioner Farrell remarked that Victory Brewing has come a long way since its inception, Cozzone remarked that Victory Beer is an identifiable “county-wide” brand and hailed their commitment to the area.

Jack will have more on the county commissioner’s meeting in Parkesburg later this week.

Top image: Commissioners Terence Farrell, Ryan Costello and Kathi Cozzone together with Parkesburg Mayor John Hagan (2nd from right) don fedora hats at the start of Wednesday’s meeting. 

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