Cochranville Tie-Dyed Stand Gets Another 15 Minutes Of Fame

Shopping 13 Feb 2012

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Daily Local News Senior Staff Writer Michael Rellehan took a loving swipe at our area in Sunday’s paper when he compared West Fallowfield’s open space to that of Iowa and Nebraska.

“Anytime I get the desire to visit Iowa or Nebraska, I generally travel to West Fallowfield and stare out across the endless farm fields until the feeling passes.”

My gut is that Mr. Rellehan has never driven across either Nebraska or Iowa for that matter.  If he had he would know that driving across Nebraska’s endless corn fields takes a whooping 10 hours (7 hours for Iowa) as opposed to the 10 minutes to drive across West Fallowfield at its widest spot.

While he was in the area he took note of Crazy Larry’s tie-dyed T-shirt stand behind the gas station and across the street from Parkesburg Lions Consignment Store at 10 and 41, calling the stand as rare as a purple squirrel.

In downtown Cochranville there exists a roadside stand that sells a variety of tie-dyed clothing as well as a bevy of “in-your-face” decorative flags promoting at once the Confederacy and the American colonies. And it’s run by a fellow named Crazy Larry, who is not into the whole “last name” thing.

Finding a hippie/Tea Party garment stand in staid West Fallowfield struck me as unlikely and out of place as, oh, say, finding a purple squirrel in Jersey Shore, PA.


You can read Mike’s entire column here or read another piece the Daily Local ran on Crazy Larry (no last name!) last year here.

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